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Lodge at Big Falls Packages
Season 2007-2008

Mayan Footprints (3 nights/4 days) | Toledo Explorer (4 nights/5 days)
Rivers and Reef (4 nights/5 days) | Birds of Southern Belize (3 nights/4 days)
Birds of Southern Belize II (4 nights/5 days
Mayan Heritage | Honeymoon Package |
7 Nights Mountain to Mangroves Birding Package

Birds of Southern Belize II
Highlights: Birding in a variety of habitats including riparian, orchard, meadow, secondary growth forest., wetlands and lagoons, mangrove forest, coastal and broadleaf forest; Lubaantun Mayan ruin; visit a local Mayan harpist and instrument maker; Rio Blanco National park; kayaking and tubing on the river around the Lodge and birding on your back around the swimming pool at the Lodge. You get a lot of raptors you would otherwise miss!!
The 4-night Birds of Southern Belize package includes:
Day 1
1  Arrival at the Lodge in time for cocktails and orientation to the Lodge before you dine in the softly lit ambience of the Lodge’s restaurant.
Day 2

Begins with an early morning bird walk along the riverbank and through the orchard and meadows around the Lodge with our guide Steven Choco who has a keen eye and a fine ear for identifying bird calls.  Steven will be your guide for the duration of your stay at the Lodge.  We typically observe between forty and fifty species before breakfast.  After breakfast we will spend the day in broadleaf forest habitats and visiting the Aguacaliente Wildlife Sanctuary where the lagoons in this shallow drainage basin are home to Woodstorks, Jabiru, Limpkin, Black-bellied Whistling Duck, kingfishers and herons.  In the later afternoon you can take a guided river trip and observe the herons and kingfishers and other riparian species along the Rio Grande near the Lodge.  As dusk falls and the sun sets over the Maya mountains to the west you can observe flocks of egrets and other waders returning to their night-time roosts or see and hear Yellow-crowned Night Herons calling as they fly out to their feeding grounds.  Listen for the Mottled Owl and Black and White Owl which frequent the forest giants on the riverbank in the front of the Lodge and listen for the first calls of the Common Pauraque which are a common sight on dirt roads at night-time.

Day 3

Begins with an early morning drive eighteen miles north to an area of pines, oaks, saw palmetto and savannah grasslands.  Your visit may include the sight of flocks of indigo bunting feeding on the grasses with their plumage illuminated by the early morning sun.  You can also see and hear Yellow-crowned Parrots, the Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Streak-headed Woodcreeper, Fork-tailed and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, Sedge Wren, Grace’s Warbler, Rusty Sparrow and Hepatic Tanager among other species.  After a late breakfast back at the Lodge we will spend the day visiting the Mayan site of Lubaantun and the waterfalls at San Antonio and the Rio Blanco making birding stops along the way.  You will spend some time at dusk on the way back to the Lodge at a local wetland swamp where we can observe the Northern Jacana, Ruddy Crake and American Bittern as well as raptors such as the Peregrine Falcon.

Day 4

We will depart the Lodge early and drive down to the coast to begin our day birding among the coastal mangrove forest that skirts the coast north of Punta Gorda.  There may be a chance to see howler monkeys here.  We will then make our way along the seafront into Punta Gorda itself where we will stop for breakfast.  We will then continue birding in the high forest south of Punta Gorda before returning to the Lodge for lunch and relaxation.   In the later afternoon you can take a guided river trip and observe the herons and kingfishers and other riparian species along the Rio Grande near the Lodge.

Day 5

Breakfast at the Lodge and opportunity to have a final self-guided bird walk around the Lodge property.  If your flight departure from Punta Gorda allows we will drop your luggage off at the air terminal and then leave you on Front Street to explore PG and its market (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday) before boarding your onward flight.




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