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Make a Contribution to Big Falls Primary School

Some of our guests have asked if they could bring educational supplies to donate to our local primary school.  Such contributions are most welcome since the supply of school resources is the responsibility of the teachers and school governors themselves and they run an annual fair and other fundraisers so that they can buy stationery and other educational supplies.

Contributions have included textbooks selected by the school, printer cartridges, footballs (soccer balls), sets of pens and colored pencils etc.  If you would like to make a contribution then please get in touch before your visit and we will find out the school's current priorities and let you know.

We will then arrange a short visit to the school during your stay which can include a visit to a classroom to meet the teachers and pupils.

Sponsor a Student: The Ya'axche Conservation Trust Scholarship Scheme

In January 2007 the Ya’axche Trust was sponsoring twenty-one students from the villages of Big Falls, Indian Creek, Golden Stream and Medina Bank.  Twelve of these receive full scholarships while the other nine are receiving aid with the cost of textbooks for their studies.

The sponsorship covers their studies during the their high school years from the age of 14-18 at a cost of US$500 per student per year.  Students are asked to keep their textbooks in good condition so that the same set may be passed on to another student at the end of the year and your sponsorship may benefit more than one student.

During the period of the scholar ship the Trust involves the students in environmental and conservation activities by

 1.  Forming a youth group who meet monthly at YCT’s (Ya’axche Conservation Trust) centre to plan different outreach activities

2.  Running clean up campaigns on the highways and riverbanks

3.  Assisting in re-forestation in the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve as well as planting and landscaping school and community grounds

4.  Making presentations to primary school children about environmental and conservation related topics etc.


Students are selected initially on the following criteria

 Students must have passed the PSE examination at the end of the Primary school cycle and have been accepted into Secondary School

Preference is given to students from families where neither parent is in paid employment

Positive recommendations of previous teachers, school principal and village leaders are also taken into account

Contacts between Students and their Sponsors

  • The sponsor can select the student that they would like to sponsor by choosing from the student profiles available at the Lodge.  If time allows a meeting will be arranged between the sponsor and student before their departure from Belize.
  • The student commits to writing to their sponsor at least twice during the year to keep them up to date with news and progress.  Students would be very happy to receive replies from sponsors.  Sponsors should write to the students via the Ya’axche Trust office at the address below.
  • Ya’axche Conservation Trust (YCT), PO Box 177 , Punta Gorda, Toledo, Belize, Central America
  • Gifts, Some sponsors like to send their students gifts at certain times of the year.  No cash gifts should be sent.  Appropriate gifts include educational materials (pens, coloring pencils, mathematical drawing equipment or books) and stationery.  Students will receive the gifts through the YCT.
  • Visiting  Sponsors who wish to return to visit their student and their families will receive a 20% discount on accommodation at The Lodge at Big Falls.  The Lodge and YCT will also liaise with the student and their families to arrange a home visit so that sponsors and their students can develop a personal relationship.




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